Down with Cable TV – Up with Online and DTV

November 16, 2008

Fot those thinking about saving money in an shrinking economy, lets check the alternatives.

Let go of your expensive cable TV subscription. Instead make a new combination for your viewing habits with online viewing and a live TV-set together with no cost per month digital-TV.

The thing is to question why in heaven you really need cable TV. It is on it´s way to become old fashioned. Also, it is fairly expensive. You are stuck with a limited selection of TV-channels, you need to set your watch to not miss out on your favorite show and it is really not very flexible. Convenient, yes, and a habit, yes, for now.

But think about it. If you unplugg your cable TV you will save at least $30 a month. Keep your internet connection for maybe $20 a month. Get a converterbox for digital TV and hook it up to your TV set and you will have acccess to local and national TV stations for news and local information. That is a one time cost of $60. (check your antenna though). In two months time you start to save money. And gain in flexibility.

Then log on to you tube,, hulu, itunes and many more outlets of on-demand TV and video.

I can recommend an apple TV or maybe an Xbox that can provide you with movies and podcasts. Did you know that most of the newschannels that you can watch on your TV set are available as podcasts? It´s great. You dont need to set your watch to view the show and you skip commercials. I think podcasts are the biggest thing since TV came to earth. Also, it is fully loaded with new formats for niché TV. I use Itunes, Ipodtouch and an Apple TV to keep up in the news flow and get inspiration. I watch podcasts more than broadcasts. It is a relieve for anyone with kids (you decide when, where and what you view).

Also, there is more on your way. Youtube will release old movies and TV-shows from MGM. More people watched Saturday Night Live with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin online than as a broadcast, writes Mike Musgrove at Washingtonpost. That is a sign if any.

Now you can start deciding about your money and your habits. Crisis and change come with possibilities.

Best /Anders


Will Apple TV Get DTV?

September 8, 2008

Tomorrow tuesday is a big day for Apple fans. I am one of them. At least in one or two aspects. I love my Ipod and my Apple TV. Smartest things since computers where made. I don´t really watch broadcast TV that much any more. And I thought that I wouldn’t write on this blog very much more. But things changed.

Speculations are dense about what will happen at tomorrows Apple event. Will there be a new Ipod or even a new Apple TV?

The spark that caught my attention was a tech blog post on Forbes about one persons wish about the Apple TV. That it would get a DTV tuner, Blu-ray player and more. A fully equiped livingroom saviour for people affected by the DTV switch next year. Or why not everyone looking for something else to watch than traditional broadcast or cable TV. Peter S Magnusson is a Swedish entrepeneur in Silicon Valley. He blogs about how he wishes the Apple TV do more, be more and become a commodity for the massses, perhaps?

He predicts the birth of the Apple TV 3.0.

I am all for that. My Apple TV is the best way to watch TV content. I love it. Easy to use. Great selection of podcasts, that for me is the same as ordinary TV. Who can tell the difference? There are many innovative podcast shows thaht bring fresh ideas and content to the old tube, even now when it is flat.. Also it is a saviour for families with kids, when you might watch Nightly News, Meet the Press at your own terms.

The remote control is a killer – not a single DTV box maker can match Apples simple remote that anyone can handle. And people need that. DTV boxes are far to complicated and hard to use for anyone.

So, if Apple get the idea of mixing DTV with the Apple TV I can only praise them for doing one more smart move, and it is about time.

I wrote about another match between Apple and DTV months ago – check here..

Go Apple TV 3.0.

/ Anders Bjers