Converter boxes Now Sold At Wal-Marts

The first chain to sell converter boxes is Wal-Mart! This week the first converter boxes can see daylight at Wal-Marts across the U.S. The boxes offered are two: One from Thomson RCA and another from Magnavox. Both sold at $49.87. They are also found online but only sold in physical stores this far. The Magnavox box have features like “a trilingual on-screen display, audio/video output, antenna input (F-type connector), remote control and a digital audio output for use with optional surround sound systems”, according to the web page.

With a “DTV coupon” from NTIA, consumers have to pay about ten dollars for a converter box.

This is off course great news for many consumers waiting somewhat in-patiently to buy a converter box. Wal-Mart releases their offer of converter boxes almost a week ahead of other retailers roll-outs of boxes to stores.

Anders Bjers


One Response to Converter boxes Now Sold At Wal-Marts

  1. lynette hanson says:

    hoe do i coupon for the covertboxs??

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