Some 40% Picks Free DTV after Transition

According to a survey made in November 2007 by APTS, but published today, some 43 percent of households will pick free programming in DTV after the transition. The story is also reported by TVNewsDay.

This is good news for over-the-air broadcasters. And APTS President and CEO John Lawson says in a comment “This data indicates that free, over-the-air television may be set for a big comeback,”. He also predicts that DTV may be a new sell for broadcasters, “Many people see broadcasting as a dinosaur technology, but we broadcasters have the opportunity to reposition it as ‘wireless TV’ and reach new audiences.”

This is good news for free programmingover-the-air. I wonder if people know exactly what free content that will be out there due to the possibility for Multcasting. Something few stations have started to actually promote and it is unsure how many will broadcast more channels or more HDTV content.

Few knows why the transition is taking place. The survey finds that 77 percent dont know that the government has ordered the transition. On the other hand, it is not only the government who wants to push for a transition. This is something a whole industry is waiting for to do.

Lawson comments on this saying: “It appears that the government’s positive message regarding the reasons for the transition has fallen on deaf ears,”.

I think this is crucial information. Because in every transition the question of “why” will be the first major information goal to reach. When people get that the whole process will focus on the “How”. A very important phase since a practical “how to”question is much easier to handle and work with. I am very curious if there will be a public debate about the “why” – why should people need to buy new equipment to continue watching TV – when it works.

Anders Bjers


2 Responses to Some 40% Picks Free DTV after Transition

  1. John says:

    Both the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ seem to be somewhat obfuscated on certain points. I am attempting to open up further dialogue on these questions via the following web page:

  2. Jack says:

    The move to dtv not only means better picture quality and more channels through multicasting, it also frees up frequencies that can be used for emergency communications. It’s surprising to realize how few people know exactly why the govt is going for this transition. The extended deadline (from feb 17th to June 12th) gives people more time so hopefully this will be a smooth transition

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