The Imminent (H)DTV Confusion

Many people I have spoken with about the transition often confuse or mix the transition to digital TV with HDTV programing. As we know, HDTV has little to do with the actual transition to digital TV. However, I think this is one if the major challenges for stakeholders: to try to separate HDTV from DTV.

I really don’t believe they will succeed. Here is one fresh example from a headline in the consumers section at local broadcaster CBS 5 covering San Francisco, Oakland and San José: $40 HDTV Conversion Coupons Available Jan. 1

As we have seen the past few days the news from NTIA and yesterdays AP article by John Dunbar, headlined “Feds share coupons to help TV transition” that has spread to several hundreds of media outlets throughout the United States. And the requests for coupons have been enormous, initiated in large extent by the media coverage.

But this is also one of the signs of how hard it is to create awareness among consumers and sometimes among stakeholders themselves. I guess people would love to have HDTV coupons since HDTV is the hottest way to view TV these days.

Anders Bjers


2 Responses to The Imminent (H)DTV Confusion

  1. rscme says:

    Great post. I have an HDTV blog myself and spend a lot of time and energy just explaining DTV and HDTV as well as sorting out the confusion around the “conversion” of broadcast TV to digital. I also have trouble explaining to people that the conversion rules only apply to over-the-air high powered TV stations. The rules don’t apply to low powered stations or cable only outlets. Because I publish my direct email address on my site, I get a lot of direct questions from all over the country and even other countries like the U.K., Australia and Canada. If you get a chance check out my blog. I’d like to link to your blog if I can because you have a lot of good information. My address is Thank you so much.

  2. Bjers says:

    Hi there,
    I can only agree with you and the US is in a special situation compared to Europe. In the US HDTV has made a much greater impact and has a greater penetration / usage than any other country I believe. It is real challenge to “educate” consumers in that respect.

    I will check you blog!

    Best / Anders

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