Update DTV Brief

Most of the time I only write and comment about news and the progress of the DTV transition in the U.S and little about else. I just want to say that this blog has gained traffic the past two months like I never expected. I guess it is due to the increase in information, TV ads, articles and DTV campaigns. There is a spreading knowledge and insight that the transition is a huge operation and event that will make a significant impact on many households in the U.S. Also consumers are getting more aware for each day that the transition will take place. I have not yet seen the real debate about why this transition is taking place and who it will effect in a national or more public aspect That will come I believe during 2008.

Communicating a transition is a complex task but one of the most thrilling. To reach a goal: to make the transition smooth for everyone. After all I believe consumers will be satisfied. The picture will be magnificent, that combined with multicasting and new services that many haven’t experienced before.

Last week I were in a video conference with splendid people at FCC. I won’t reveal anything about the content but I note that there are many aspects of a transition that we experienced in Sweden that hasn’t yet been considered among stakeholders. There are many bits and peaces that are needed to make things smoother for consumers, retailers and other directly involved stakeholders. We actually made some innovations to bring information out in ways that made a great difference.

I also want to thank each and everyone who spends time on this blog and I hope you find the information, insights or links that help you out. Please don’t hesitate to make your comments heard here or contact me if you have professional matters to discuss.

With that I wish you a Happy New Year!

Best / Anders Bjers


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