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Something is about to happen among consumers in the US. The past week I have noticed a increased interest in answers about the DTV transition. When it comes to searches on the web, my guess is that NABs campaigns and their efforts to reach out is making a slow progress but with important effects. And desirable, not the least to say. NAB reports that 1,000 broadcasters are participating in the ongoing campaigns to educate consumers. And the theme is: DTV answers…

The top Q on Google got to be searches about practical answers for the DTV transition. When I punch in “DTV Answer” on Google this blog makes the top two searches. hmmm… Maybe NAB didn’t think of all us who forget to spell the question with an “S” in the end. The site and service NAB have set up is DTV Answers. Boy what a difference one syllable makes in the web world.. However let’s get moving about those question..

What are everybody looking for in terms of answers?

Let me guess:

– When is the DTV transition taking place?

– Where will it happen and when?

– What is the DTV transition?

– Do I need to do something?

– What should I do?

– Who is really affected?

– What about those coupons that I think I heard of somewhere, can I get one?

– What about one of those converterboxes…?

Please – make a comment what you are looking for when you stumble into this blog. I am happy to serve you with some answers and links to pass you on to other good sources of information and action. And I am curious about what you are looking for.

But until then – here are some of the answers that you may be looking for.

Q. When is the DTV transition taking place?

A. On the 17 of February 2009 all the analog tv-signals will be shut down and digital only tv-signals will continue to be broadcasted to your rooftop antenna. (If you use cable-TV or satellite-TV: that TV-set wont be affected).

Q. Where will it happen?

A. Throughout the whole United States at the very same day (as of now, no more information have been disclosed yet).

Q. What is the DTV transition?

A. It is the end of analog TV and the continuation for digital TV, OTA – over the air. Thats is if you use an antenna to recieve TV-signals to your TV-set. To make the transition is to get a converter box or choose any other way to recieve TV.

Q. Do I need to do something? And what should I do?

A. If you want to continue to use your TV and a rooftop antenna you should get a converter box for digital TV.

Q. Who is really affected?

A. TV sets connected to a rooftop antenna. And dont forget the TV set in your car, truck, summerhouse or trailer.

Q. What about those coupons that I think I heard of somewhere, can I get one?

A. Yes, there will be coupons to use when you buy a converter box. Check out NTIAs website.

Q. What about one of those converterboxes…?

A. No boxes in stores yet. But there will be…

If you need more answers, check out the blogroll to your right or go to

Anders Bjers


6 Responses to Top Search – DTV Answer(s)

  1. I think this CRAZY people as to go out and buy a convertbox I know will not be cheap just to watch TV that is free . It`s like another way cable and satellite are trying to make money like they already up the price to watch every YEAR. What are the poor people going to do in February 2009. How much will this convertbox cost. Can you buy a TV that don`t need a convertbox to watch. How much will these coupon be and if you have more then one TV will they be able to get more the one coupon. If this coupon is not FREE everybody still will not be able to buy a convertbox. Everybody making MONEY the poor stay poor and rich get richer.

  2. E. Gasper says:

    We have a HDTV. We live in the county where Cable is not present.
    If I have a white round saucer antenna, will I receive digital reception after Feb, 2009?

  3. Bjers says:

    Hi, thank you for reading this blog. I would recommend two things to do. First, check with your local station of they have started to broadcast in digital allready. Many stations has started, that means you don´t have to wait until Feb 09 for digital TV.
    If Yes, you have to buy a converter box (on shelfs in February) or a TV with a built in digital tuner. The best way to know of your antenna is sufficient enough to receive digital signals is to try it out.
    If you dont get a good picture they antenna might be the problem. Also check the cable to the antenna. If they are old and worn, they will decrease the strength of the signal from the antenna to your TV.

    Best / Anders

  4. Bob Downer says:

    Thanks for the information on the converter boxes. The other information was also helpuld
    Bob /Midland NC

  5. michael kerwin says:


  6. Bjers says:

    Hi Michael,
    They both give you the right AND the wrong answer.
    The thing is that the dish service is not affected by the transition. But, you have an antenna connected as well to the box. So, that one is affected. you will have to make a choice. To stop using the antenna or to get a converter box for that one to be able to use it after the transition. My guess is that you are viewing some local channels with your antenna, check if they are going to broadcast in digital before you get a converter box. Some small stations wont continue in digital but in analog, in that case you don’t need any converter box.. I know this sounds complex but that is the way it is.
    The Dish people should know this …

    Best / Anders

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