No Change Of Coupons Needed, Say’s NTIA Boss

In a reply to Senator Kohls bill NTIA head John Kneur says that no chang is needed for the coupons program. Kneur say that the coupons will suffice for those households who want to use a coupons to buy a DTV converterbox, according to Broadcasting and Cable.

It is interesting that there is no debate in the U.S about the fact that one platform of many actually is subsidized. When consumers are walking into a BestBuy or Circiut City to buy something to get their TV going due to the transition, they have a rebate of $40 in hand for one type of box (terrestial reception) but not for satellite or cable. In Italy the same cuopon system had to be stopped since the European Union didn’t approve of the fact that one platform had an advantage like no other.

I am really curious about the fact that Best Buy and FCCLA is teaming up , according to Broadcasting&Cableo, to bring information out to families in the U.S. Grass-root initiatives is great for the transitions success, I believe.

Anders Bjers


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