How Will The DTV Transition Spur Innovation?

The transition to DTV is a challenge in itself for many stakeholders. But what will come out of the transition? Often the reports focus on the “dark” side of the transition. In other words what happens if consumers don’t manage to install or buy converter box in time for the acutal transition in 2009. But if we focus for a moment on the “side effects” of a transition. Effects that are really the motivation and opportunities made possible by the transition, when we have cut loose from the analog braodcast limitations. One insight is John Kneuers presentation from SuperNova 2007 presented at PodTech. Mr. Kneuer is an expert on technology policy at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Lean back, let your imagination loose and enjoy.

Anders Bjers

[podtech content= &totalTime=467000&breadcrumb=67cd4451236c442ebee3d8fe205e2c0b]

P.S Turn up the volume D.S

Coming up: DTV on-line trends


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