DTV Transition a “Train Wreck” According to D.C. Media Expert

The efforts to alert consumers on the forthcoming DTV transition is being blasted as to poor and to late, even before information campaigns are launched or even outlined to the public. Latest in the row is Andrew Schwartzman, the President and CEO of Media Access Project (MAP). This according to National Journals web edition.

Mr. Schwartzman is cited to have expressed that “This really calls for a [sweeping] governmental program. The public isn’t going to pay a lot of attention to these voluntary efforts”. Later he also expressed concerns that consumers with little knowledge in english, elderly and poor would be worst of when it comes of understanding the impact of the transition. Also the NTIA coupons program would fall short of it´s goals. Officials from NTIA and NAB disagreed with the negative predictions and instead expressed concerns that all efforts must be concentrated on making the transition a success.

I beliave that the lack of information about the different efforts and campaigns that will alert consumers, creates a context of doubt among many professionals. For example, NAB or the DTV Coalition doesn´t communicate hardly anything about the status of the preparations. Neither local or national media have something to report about, or haven´t got any interest yet in the DTV transition. The vaccum brings more anxiety to the subject then is needed. I am actually astonished how little information or discussion there is on the web about the transition. And with an upcoming hearing in the U.S. Senate the field is possibly set for more critical voices.

Anders Bjers


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