Tivo can become the smartest way to bridge the DTV transition

Today Tivo relaunched an improved service with Amazon.com – the Unbox. Bringing movies on-demand and smarter search tools to Tivo users.

But will your Tivo be able to work as a converterbox if you are an analog OTA TV-viewer? Think about it!

There isn’t one line telling on Tivos site, yet. But think about it. Its February 17 2009. You connect your antenna to your Tivo – do a search and new channels will pop-up. Atop of that connect the Tivo to your broadband and you will have an on-demand service and free channels with great picture quality. Even in HD -for free! With a roof top antenna – simple as that.

Plus – you don’t need to buy another converterbox! (If your Tivo has a digital OTA-tuner built in).

That would be great news for Tivo users with analog reception over the air only.

But, will Tivo care about the upcoming market of 30 million households making a shift in their behaviour how they want to receive TV? And would you be able to use one of the coupons from NTIA to fund part of the Tivo?

I think the greatest war among platform operators wont be the last couple of months prior the actual transition. It is from now and 6 months before February 2009. To build the relationships and start to spread the news and understanding to every analog TV-set owner who is about to make a change. To reach out to media and retailers. It is a bit more complicated to explain for someone in a hurry who scrambles to Best buy to get a converterbox, in a mission to save the TV from going black.

Tivo could become one of the smartest and most valuable ways of bridging the gap or jump from analog to digital TV.

Anders Bjers

PS Maybe someone at Tivo will laugh when they read this, sitting on top of the box I am writing about. That’s on me. I think the transition to DTV in the US will bring many more good laughs, sweat, tears and rollercoaster like experiences than in a long time DS

PS2 Techmeme and bloggers picked up the story – check them out: Engadget, Tivoblog, Profy, The Register, TechSpot and last but not least the Reuters blog. DS


2 Responses to Tivo can become the smartest way to bridge the DTV transition

  1. chrisheer says:

    The problem is that right now, the only Tivo with an ATSC tuner is the expensive Series 3. There is supposed to be a cheaper S3 box coming later this year, but even so, I don’t see Tivo making significant inroads. Though I love the idea myself; I’m a huge Tivo fan.

  2. […] wrote recently about TiVo as an alternative to traditional converter boxes. No converter boxes with built in hard discs (PVR) have been released […]

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