AP Video About The DTV Transition

Well, some of the mainstream media is trying to explain the transition in a general way. AP has posted a video about the DTV transition. Lets track how this video may trickle down to local newsmedia.

Anders Bjers

By the way – I think it is boring.. What do you think?


One Response to AP Video About The DTV Transition

  1. chrisheer says:

    It is rather dull, and it spends too much time talking about unimportant things (like why the government is subsidizing the cost of the boxes), yet fails to mention some key critical points. Over 70% of US households get TV via cable, satellite, or a similar technology, and they are all relatively unaffected by the DTV transition.

    Also, an AP video buried on a website somewhere is OK, but realistically the people who need the education the most will never see it. I’d rather see some short, clear PSAs on network TV from the FCC.

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