A Tip For Tivos

One comment on my piece about Tivo suggests that the lastest and most expensive ($ 799.99) Tivo Series 3 can recieve digital TV broadcasts. That´s good news. But what about the millions of Tivo consumers that don´t have a model 3? Can Tivo make or make use of a small adapter just like Grundig has launched in Europe? It´s called a micro adapter. Check it out on Grundig. Plug it in on the back of your Tivo and it would make the Tivo work with only digital broadcasts. But it would be smarter if Tivo made an adapter – in that case one remote (Tivo´s) would be enough.

Anders Bjers

Reminder: This blog is not about DTV technology – I want to stay out of that and focus on the information and communication aspects. But now and then I want to dip into tech stuff. Only to bring in some inspiration, awareness and maybe help out a bit at it´s best.


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