Cisco blog about DTV transition

Ciscos Mary Brown blogged recently on the companys High Tech Policy Blog with the headline DTV: What it means to consumers. I think its a very “in the middle of the road” kind of article. Spelling out the basics of the transistion to digital TV. I really expected something that told more about Ciscos view of the transistion itself. Brown who serves as director of technology and spectrum policy in Washington, D.C, writes that the consumer has a very important role to play. Thats more than true. What I am interested in is what kind of dynamics Cisco sees in the change itself. Since the consumer has to choose how to recieve TV after or better – before the switchover.

There is a growing debate about the capacity of the web when more and more of the downloaded or streamed material is video content. One recent example is the OP-Ed from Internet innovation alliance, IIA, headlined “Bring on the Exaflood -Broadband needs a boost”. The lobbygroups bottomline is offcourse that broadband connections needs more juice. But there is a connection to the switchover. Will the switchover make more consumer view TV on their broadband connection? In that case Cisco has an even more important role to play in the switchover. Or better – more options. And actors just like IIA has even more reason to push their message..

Maybe the consumer will find that the content is more attractive on the web – and cheaper.. That would bring on a Exaflood if nothing else.

Anders Bjers


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